The Growing vegan community

Over 2,000 years of history show that individuals have made the life-changing decision to stop using animal products and live a more ethical lifestyle. Although not a novel belief, veganism has recently gained a lot of popularity and is no longer a momentary fad. It has become a widely accepted lifestyle choice that is rooted in morality and has a significant presence on social media and beyond. According to Global News Wire, the global vegan food market size is projected to be worth around $65.4 billion by 2030. The vegan community is growing exponentially and we are excited to feature 9 incredible Instagram influencers who are paving the way for veganism in their fun, unique ways.

Top 9 Vegan Influencers:

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Zac Bird (@zaccharybird) • Instagram photos and videos

1. @ZaccharyBird – Food and Fun

If you’re looking for a vegan recipe with a healthy dose of hilarity on the side, Zacchary Bird is your go-to vegan! Zacchary’s cookbook “The Vegan Butcher” was awarded “Best Cookbook” in 2021 by PETA. More importantly, Zacchary’s dance moves were awarded “Best Vegan Dance Moves” by us at Vegpal! Zacchary’s creative expression of sharing the relatable ‘shit we deal with’ as vegans, combined with busting out dance moves with a joyous effervescence, is the content we didn’t know we needed, and can’t live without. Zacchary is an inspiration to stay creative and uplift one another with vegan food and activism!

2. @BiancaTaylorM- Plant-Powered Fitness, Self-Acceptance

Bianca Taylor is a leader in the vegan fitness and wellness community. A proud vegan powerhouse, bodybuilder, and entrepreneur who built her businesses from the ground up. Amongst her many entrepreneurial ventures, Bianca created a fitness app, Bianca Taylor Fitness, to support vegans on their fitness journeys and also hosts a podcast where she gets really real with her audience about her journey of embracing her truest, most embodied self. Bianca’s content features top-notch advice on loving the person you are and the body that you’re in! If living a stronger, more empowered lifestyle speaks to you, be sure to follow her!


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Nzinga Young (@veganzinga) • Instagram photos and videos

3. @VegaNzinga – Livin n’ Vibin

For cutting-edge tips on all things vegan lifestyle, and the trendiest NYC vibes, Nzinga is the influencer to follow! Nzinga has blogged for HuffPost, spoken at vegan conferences around the world, and joined the staff of Vegan Outreach and Farm Sanctuary. Nzinga can usually be found exploring the bustling streets of Brooklyn donned in the latest vegan fashion while sharing her documenting restaurant escapades and unique thoughts. To make vegan life EVEN easier, Nzinga has also created a guided roadmap for anyone looking to transition or stay vegan!


4. @JennyStojkovic – Smashing the Patriarchy with Women in Business


The Patriarchy better watch out…because Jenny Stojkovic is coming in hot! Jenny is the founder of the Vegan Women’s Summit, an initiative designed to bring plant-powered, badass, women leaders together in support of one another. VWS is home to over 40,000 women-led ventures that are saving the world with their ethics-driven businesses. Jenny is also an award-winning author of “The Future of Food is Female”. Follow her to stay updated on all things vegan, food technology, policy, and more!


5. @Cheaplazyvegan – Thriving and Traveling

Who ever said that a cheap and lazy meal cannot be smackdown delicious?! Our spiritual bestie, Rose AKA Cheap Lazy Vegan, has got you covered on gourmet-esque, “chef-quality” meals with a wallet and time-friendly spin! Bonus points for her candidness, relatable vibe, and her portrayal of delicious Korean eats with all the plants and zero compromises on taste! Maybe we should join Rose on one of her many international vegan foodie tours?

6. @SweetSimpleVegan & ConsciousChris – Culinary Culture and Food Adventures

Couple Goals ALERT!! Just scroll through Jasmine and Chris’ content and you’ll know what we mean. Jasmine (@sweetsimplevegan) and Chris (@consciouschris) are dedicated to showcasing the ease of living a vegan lifestyle when indulging in familiar fast-food favorites, and cultural delights. Not only does their content feature vegan-friendly creations from a variety of cultures, but Jasmine often welcomes her Sweet Simple Mom to whip up vegan Filipino dishes that will warm your souls, and hearts, and delight your taste buds!


7. @KhaledAlwaleed – Vegan Investing and Ethical Business

Khaled is probably the world’s coolest, most down-to-earth Prince you’ll ever come across. He is an unapologetic activist who is dedicated to spreading awareness about animal rights. Not only that, but he puts his money where his mouth is by supporting vegan businesses that are disrupting the animal-exploitative food systems that be. Khaled’s content serves as a much-needed wake-up call to anyone who hasn’t acknowledged the reality of the climate crisis and the undeniable cruelty of animal agriculture. We also revel in Khaled’s hearty dose of valuable business advice, and inspiration for living a life of integrity!


8. @OneGreatVegan – Sing, Dance, Eat, Repeat

Seeking a vegan recipe that literally sings to your soul? Look no further than the ebullient Gabrielle Reyes (AKA One Great Vegan). From jerk pasta and loaded nachos to sumptuous soups and comforting casseroles, Gabrielle will make sure that your meal prep is a party for the books! We dare you to make a One Great Vegan dish without blasting some tunes and busting out your moves! So, are you team singing in the shower or singing in the kitchen?!


9. @RainbowPlantLife – Nourish your Soul

If you thought eating the rainbow meant only skittles, think again! The lively Nisha showcases the nutrient-rich kind that nature provides, and magically turns her artistic creations into food for the heart! Followers are in for a delight when Nisha’s parents make a guest appearance and play the roles of endearing, yet uber-critical judges. All in all, Nisha’s portrayal of how fun, colorful, ecstatic, and satisfying plant-based food can be is bound to bring all the veteran and newbie vegans to the yard!


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