On April 13, 2022, Danny and Morgan matched on Vegpal even though they live almost 3,000 miles away from each other. They both joined the app out of curiosity and now, 5 months later, they are making plans to move-in and start a life together.

“Before (joining) Vegpal, I hadn’t been looking for love. I was just going to be alone and get used to being alone,” Danny explained, “I didn’t really have any friends that are vegan. I’ve tried different dating apps and didn’t like them… with Vegpal, it felt different and it had less of the garbage that comes with other dating apps.”

Morgan also had little luck on other dating apps. “I tried to connect with people or find someone I could hang out with and it was just awful. On other apps, it’s about physical attraction and no common interests. Being vegan involves so much more than diet… it is a lifestyle beyond food.”

Morgan is originally from Nevada and Danny from Rhode Island. As single parents, most of their focus is on their children. On their first video call, Danny met Morgan and her 2-year old daughter virtually and they talked for hours. 

 “Everything came so fast.. by the end of week one, we both thought that maybe I should come out there to Nevada to visit..” Danny explained how surprised he was, “I wasn’t this used to being this attracted and this in-touch with someone.. I felt like it was a dream”

Morgan felt the same spark. “It was fast… after a week, it was hard not saying I love you to each other.” Their relationship grew stronger every day despite the distance. “When we met in person, it just made sense and it felt amazing. He showed me around different parts of Rhode Island with his son. We’re each other’s person… I am moving in with him in September and we are beyond happy that Vepal brought us together”

When asked if they have advice for other vegans seeking love Danny jumped in and said, “The app was essential for Morgan and I. Download Vegpal- that’s the only reason I met Morgan.” Join Vegpal start your own search for vegan love or friendship.

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