My Experience in a Plant-based Relationship

Hi! My name is Chelsea, and I’m so thrilled that the VegPal team reached out to me to share my experience of being in a vegan relationship. My boyfriend Evan and I are both vegan and currently live just outside of Philly with our goofy dog and 3 crazy cats.

We Met as Meat-eaters!

I hate to admit it, but it’s true! We’ve been together for nearly 4 years now, but we’ve actually only been vegans for the past year.

We’re one of the rare few that actually found love on Tinder, but it wasn’t without a TON of trial and error, aka.. fish pics and weirdos.

We Became Vegans Together

Throughout our relationship, we’ve always been on opposing diets. My boyfriend strength-trains, so he’s always into some form of bulking. I, on the other hand,  have struggled with various diets until being diagnosed with an eating disorder last year. 

While he was on carnivore, I was a pescatarian. Then I was keto, and he was carb loading. We always struggled to find common ground. After adopting veganism, we finally found harmony in the kitchen! We changed to a vegan diet pretty much overnight. 

We’re both obsessed with documentaries and ended up watching Cowspiracy on a Friday night. That one documentary turned into 3 that night. Then, we spent the rest of the weekend watching anything we could find related to sustainability and the vegan diet. By Sunday night, I’d ordered cookbooks, guides for beginners, and we had cleared out our fridge, freezer, and pantry of anything that wasn’t vegan. We started our vegan journey together and haven’t looked back since.

Veganism Brought Us Closer

Having a vegan partner is honestly the best thing that has happened to my relationship. While we’ve always gotten along with our love for documentaries, our sense of humor, and our passion for food, we now share common interests that are so much more profound.

When we became vegans, we felt that spending more time outside would help us to have a greater appreciation for our environment. We hoped that it would encourage us to take better care of it makes us even more passionate about veganism.

It definitely worked! We now love hiking, taking long walks with our pup, and planting gardens full of veggies and native plants to help provide for the bees and birds in our area. We ended up loving spending time outdoors so much that it made us move to another state. 

We met in Austin, and while it’s definitely a fun city, the 100 degree summers and lack of greenery just didn’t fit our vibe anymore. We’re so much happier in the North East now and can’t get enough of this incredible fall weather.

With our newfound love for our planet, we’ve both developed a passion for sustainability. We’re conscious of our carbon footprint and have implemented so many different strategies into our life and home to reduce the impact we have on this beautiful planet.

We’ve always loved trying new foods and restaurants together, but adopting a plant-based lifestyle has made it so much more fun. While we love trying out the latest vegan burgers and pizzas, it’s been experimenting with dishes and flavors from other cultures that has brought us the most joy. We’ve fallen in love with the foods of so many different cultures and love that veganism has truly opened our eyes to more complex flavors and diverse cooking styles.

Living a Plant-Based Lifestyle Feels Easier With a Partner

I come from a MAJOR foodie family. I grew up in Montreal with an eccentric French Canadian family where food is at the heart of everything we do. Seriously, there is no gathering too small for a sprawling charcuterie board filled with a variety of cured meats and too many cheeses for anyone to count. 

Growing up, every meal was centered around some form of protein, and butter was absolutely part of every dish. I was soooo nervous to tell my family that we’d gone vegan because they’d already given me a hard time for my various “limiting” diets in the past. They said they made me boring to a point where I’d cave and just eat whatever they made.

With veganism, it was different. I wasn’t willing to budge once I adopted a plant-based diet, and I haven’t since that first weekend we started. It has been so much easier to face our family and friends as a unit. I feel like we’ve developed this bond because of it. We have friends and family that really don’t get it, and instead of letting it get us down, we just laugh about it later together.

When planning trips or meeting up with friends for meals, we’re able to divide and conquer. It can sometimes feel like a burden to bring your own dishes to gatherings or call restaurants ahead of time to confirm vegan options. Thankfully, it feels so much easier knowing that we can split those responsibilities between the two of us.

Having a Vegan Partner Does Have Its Challenges

As much as it’s brought us together, having two people on a plant-based diet does have its own unique challenges, though I’ll admit they’re definitely not that serious.

This might be unique to my relationship, but I’ll say I do 95% of the cooking (I may be throwing 5% his way because I adore the man). This means that a lot of the meal planning, prepping, and cooking falls on me. 

Sometimes I really just don’t feel like cooking, but he hasn’t clue how to put a meal together. I’ll pretty much eat anything, so I’m fine heating up a quick frozen vegan pizza from Trader Joe’s or their mac and cheese that I have an unhealthy obsession with. Unfortunately, my partner isn’t crazy about any frozen or pre-made vegan meals, so there’s never anything I can whip up in 5 minutes to keep him happy. He doesn’t even like some quick peanut butter on toast!


On days where we dine out, we often don’t want the same thing. Vegan eateries aren’t quite as common as your traditional meat eater restaurants so we end up driving to different sides of town to pick up my Thai food and get him his burger.

It’s The Happiest I’ve Ever Been

I’ll honestly say that being vegan and having a vegan partner is the happiest I’ve ever been. It’s been incredible to see how our core values have changed since adopting this plant-based lifestyle and how it’s something that came naturally to both of us.


I feel more connected to him because of the passions we share that are more meaningful than what initially brought us together. I fall more in love with him as I watch him getting his hands dirty, planting herbs and vegetables in our very own garden. I admire this compassionate side of him that I had never seen until we truly learned to value the lives of animals as much as our own.


I didn’t think a lifestyle change would have an impact on my relationship, and I definitely couldn’t have guessed that it would bring us closer together.

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