My first vegan dating app experience  


Dating As a Queer Vegan

As a queer vegan living in Boston, I’ve been invited by the Vegpalapp team to write this weeks blog, all about my experience as an LGBTQ vegan on the newest vegan dating app. I’m excited to be a guest writer for the Vegpal blog! 

Prior to Vegpal, I was using three dating apps; Tinder, Hinge and Bumble. I deleted the tinder after a few months because it was a mess of an app, and lingered on Hinge and Bumble for nearly 2 years (pausing / deleting here and there). 

When I heard about Vegpal, I was overjoyed- finally a GOOD vegan dating app that actually vets profiles for authenticity, and works well. I’m actually convinced it’s the best vegan dating app out there. 

So let me tell you all about my dating experience on Vegpal! Ok so first of all, I am a queer woman. I identify as queer, bi-sexual and pansexual. My previous relationship was with another woman, and the relationship before that was a transexual man. So when it comes to dating, I’m really open to dating people of any and all genders, and I can honestly say that I don’t even really have a preference! 

Trying a vegan dating app for the first time! 

So I downloaded the app, and the first thing I noticed when signing up is that it allows you to select multiple genders for how you identify. (man, woman, non-binary, transsexual) I’ve never seen this before. Anywhere, ever. Literally every other platform makes you choose just one. But the reality is that people sometimes identify as more than just one. For example, my ex boyfriend identified as ‘male’ and ‘transgender’, and he shouldnt have to choose between those two categories. 

Now some people in the queer / LGBTQIA+ community may think that 4 genders are not enough choices, and it’s true that gender is more of a spectrum, than a category, but Vegpal uses 4 ‘umbrella’ categories so that people that identify in very niche/uncommon ways, can still appear to other users and get ‘likes’ and matches.

Ok back to the story- so I signed up, and it took around 4-5 hours for my application to be accepted. At that point, I filled in my profile, and started swiping. Days 1 and 2 on the app were a bit slow, I had a couple of chats going with some nice singles in the Boston area. I had no idea that the vegan LGBTQ community was so big! Well I guess it’s no surprise that it’s always a little bigger than we realize, huh? : ) 

My First vegan queer lesbian date

On day 4 of using the app, I matched with Vickie (name changed for privacy). I could tell from the convo that she was ambitious, artistic and creative. Vickie lived about 25 minutes from me, and so after chatting for a few days, I asked her out! Of course we went to a vegan / vegetarian restaurant in Boston, called Life Alive.  

The first thing I noticed about Vickie was that she was even more beautiful in person. We ordered vegan meals, and sat down for dinner! We clicked. We talked about work, veganism, spirituality, and astrology. Then we left and went for some vegan ice cream for dessert. 

This was my first time dating someone who is both gay / lesbian and vegan! (Vickie identifies as gay and lesbian). And she introduced me to her circle of friends. I had no idea there were so many queer vegans in my area. 

Meeting more LGBTQ vegans 

On our fourth date, which was just the two of us hanging out and watching movies on my couch, Vickie and I decided together to make it an official relationship, and be each others’ girlfriend. Fast forward two months, and we’re still together, still vegan, and kind of falling in love with each other.

I’m so happy that a vegan dating app such as Vegpal exists. I know that I wouldn’t have met Vickie if it wasn’t for this vegan dating app.  I’ve also met other people on the app who I now consider my friends. I know Vegpal is launching a friend finding function soon, and I’m excited for that! But in the meantime, I am so happy that I found such an amazing vegan queer partner in my area.