Supporting Vegan Owned Businesses in 2021

As the vegan community grows exponentially, it is so exciting to witness the multitude of brands popping up in all sectors of the industry, from food, to marketing, to skincare, and everything in between. These days, there is a vegan version of nearly anything you could want. 


You may be wondering: ‘Everything?”  Ok, so maybe not EVERYTHING, but there are many, many more vegan products and services than the average person is aware of. 


As vegans, we recognize the importance of our power as consumers and therefore opt for products that are free from animal exploitation. In general, anything that is free from animal exploitation is considered vegan. Some of the products we buy are vegan owned, and some are non-vegan owned. Regardless of whether or not the brand and/or parent company is vegan owned, a vegan product is a vegan product nonetheless.  


However, with all of that being said, in the rare instances that you find you are able to support both a vegan product AND vegan owned business at the same time, that’s some pretty magical extra vegan karmic abundance right there! When you support a vegan owned business, not only is it a win for the animals, but also the vegan community thrives as well. 

There are so many awesome vegan owned businesses out there. And it’s not just limited to food. There are vegan professionals and vegan owned businesses for almost any service or product that you can think of.  

Vegan professional span all industries, from accountancy and financial, education, marketing & PR, fitness & healthcare, and creative services and design, to name only a few.  

How does one find these legendary professionals? There are a few ways: 

  1. The good ol’ google search: Just search ‘vegan’ and then the service or product that you are looking for. For example  ‘vegan lawyer’, ‘vegan accountant’, or ‘vegan moving company’.
  2. Another option is to search within a vegan company search engine such as Vkind,, and also which are both UK based. 

I’ll be honest with you- neither of these options are going to provide you with absolutely ALL of the available options, so oftentimes, some deeper digging, such as an instagram / facebook search, or more in depth googling, may be necessary.

A vegan owned dating app

When it comes to choosing the right vegan dating app for you, or the right vegan friendship finding app, the same concept is true! You could opt in to a non-vegan owned vegan dating app, but you may quickly find that it has its shortcomings. When non-vegans attempt to create a service for a community they don’t really understand and embrace, it shows. For example, if you’ve used another vegan dating app which has been around for several years, and is not vegan owned, you may notice that it isn’t the high-quality product that the vegan community deserves. 

Thankfully however there now exists a vegan & vegetarian dating app that is the best of both worlds. Vegpal is all about providing a high-quality user experience for the community. There is no longer a need to use non-vegan owned dating apps,  when there is a vegan-owned vegan dating app, which is actually doing it better ; ). 

Vegpal launched in August 202, by two vegan Bostonians who were themselves single and no strangers to the conventional dating apps. They created Vegpal with the vegan community in mind, and wanting to provide a much needed service to single vegans and vegetarians. Since the Vegpal founders are part of the vegan community, we are extremely responsive to the feedback and requests of our users, since we view them as part of our community. For us at Vegpal, it has never been about the profit. That will come in time. For now, we are focused on providing. This includes listening to feedback, and improving, so that we can further provide the community with what they need and want. 

At only 3 months old, Vegpal already has hundreds of members, and is continually growing at a rapid rate, every single day.