How to Make Vegan Friends and Meet Vegans Everywhere You Go

The Vegpal app team is thrilled to announce an exciting new app feature! For vegans and vegetarians looking to make some plant-based friends, we bring you our new friend-finding feature, Veg Pals!

Veg Pals was created to help you connect with local vegan friends-to-be, meet other veggies while traveling, and create friendships with fellow vegans around the world. If you’re wondering, “why do I need an app to meet vegans near me?” or “why do I need vegan friends?” we’ll answer those questions and more in today’s blog post.

Vegans Need Vegan Friends

Befriending and dating meat-eaters as a vegan does pose some unique challenges. We often find ourselves worrying about one or more of the following questions.

  • Where will we be able to eat together?
  • Will they be open to trying a vegan restaurant?
  • Will I be able to eat anything at the place they’ve chosen?
  • Will they like my vegan cooking?
  • Will I need to bring my own food for get-togethers?
  • What will they think of my plant-based lifestyle?

Now, being friends with a meat-eater is often much easier than dating one. However, no one will blame you for wanting to save yourself the headache by adding some more vegan friends to your circle! Finding fellow plant-loving friends that share your core values can definitely help you feel connected on a much deeper level.

Before you even begin to discuss your favorite hobbies and activities, you’ll already have the comfort of knowing that they accept and understand your plant-based lifestyle. Veganism is a beautiful way of living your life, and having that shared experience can lead to a genuine connection. And besides, it sure doesn’t hurt to have someone to share recipes with and check out all the great vegan spots in town.

Why Use a Vegan Friend App?

For most adults, our circle of friends consists of the people we meet in school, at work, or through our mutual friends. If you happen to work from home or you’ve moved to a new city, you’ve probably noticed that your friend-making opportunities have been dwindling, especially during the pandemic. 

It’s no secret that dating websites and apps have made dating in the modern world much more accessible. For vegans and vegetarians, niche apps like Vegpal make it possible for you to find plant-based singles in a local dating pool full of meat-eaters. As it turns out, making new friends is actually a lot easier through apps too. 

While some people have the confidence to strike up a conversation with everyone they meet, some of us might be on the shy side. You could meet friends at local vegan spots or a plant-based meetup, but it can be hard to make genuine connections in a crowded setting. 

The Veg Pals friend-finding feature gives you the simple solution you’re likely already familiar with from dating apps. It’s a more approachable way to meet strangers when you can check out someone’s profile first to see if your interests align. Starting those initial conversations through text makes it easier to get to know each other first before jumping right into that in-person meetup. 

At Vegpal, we’ve found that we’d already created the perfect solution for vegan dating, so a vegan friend finding function seemed like the logical next step. Here are three ways to use this great friend-finding feature.

Meet Vegans Locally

While this one may seem obvious, it’s definitely the most needed. Veganism can sometimes feel isolating. While incredible online vegan communities and groups do exist, finding your veggie tribe locally is not always easy. 

Veg Pals helps you find your local veggies so you can have your potlucks, dinner parties, game nights, and nights out on the town, free of any meats and animal bi-products. Our first meetup suggestion; invite your fellow veggie lover to your favorite vegan coffee shop or dessert spot.

Meet Vegans While You Travel

Nothing beats the thrill of traveling to a new city and exploring what each exciting new place has to offer. Additionally, making new friends while traveling is an absolute delight. Not only do you get to experience the city like a local, but you’ll get to finish your trip with great memories and new friends.

With the Veg Pals feature, you can make your travel experience that much more incredible by connecting with some fellow vegans. Not only is this the best way to get in touch with vegans that are local to the area, but they’ll definitely love an opportunity to show you around the best vegan-friendly eateries in their city.

There are also opportunities for you to play vegan host as well. You could have a great time showing some traveling vegans around your favorite spots if you match with someone that happens to be visiting your town.

Meet Vegans From Around the World

The Veg Pals vegan friend finding feature is an easy way to meet people and learn about different cultures and traditions worldwide. Matching is available globally so that you aren’t restricted to only meeting vegans in your area.

If you’re planning to visit a new city or travel abroad, why not try making some vegan friends ahead of time that you can meet up with when you arrive? Trying to learn a new language or cuisine, why not learn through a fellow vegan? Your ability to meet more plant-based individuals around the world expands your friendship circle on a global scale.

Coming Soon!

Veg Pals is a versatile friendship app that makes it easy for anyone to find vegan friends. Whether your goal is to find local vegans or search for some plant-based travel buddies, our friend app has got you covered.

This new feature will be launching in November, so until then, keep in touch with us on Instagram and stay tuned for further updates.