What if you could find love without having to compromise your plant-based lifestyle? Sounds like a dream come true, right? Well, not only is it made possible with vegan dating apps, but they actually make the process of finding your plant-loving partner so much easier! 

Veganism is such a beautiful and aligned way of living your life that it makes total sense that you’d want to date someone that shares similar values. If you’ve been struggling to find a vegan partner on traditional dating apps, then look no further. Let’s talk about the many reasons why vegan dating apps are the best way for you to find your veggie soulmate. 

Find Matches That Share Your Values

Trying to find a partner outside of the plant-based community can be challenging, especially when you’re looking for someone who understands and even welcomes your vegan lifestyle. If you want to find someone that genuinely embraces veganism, vegan dating apps are a great way to meet people who share your core values. When browsing through potential matches, you’ll feel more at ease knowing that there’s a fellow animal and plant lover on the other side, looking for love too. 

If someone uses vegan dating sites, they’ve made it clear that they’re committed to plant-based living. This immediately provides you with the peace of mind that you’re not going to have to spend any time explaining your diet preferences and lifestyle choice to your match.

Bonding becomes easier as well, as will find common ground in the beautiful lifestyle choice that you both share. As veganism is so much more than a dietary preference, the values you share have a deeper meaning than simply sharing a hobby or favorite sports team. 

You both have a deep understanding of what it means to embrace animal activism, sustainable living, and environmentalism. You also both understand the struggles of being vegan. You can share stories about families that just don’t understand and how great it would be if your favorite fast food restaurant would just release a vegan option already!

In an online dating world where it’s so much easier to find a connection based on similar interests, vegan dating apps provide an added layer by matching veggie singles that share the same core fundamentals. 


Go Where The Vegan Singles Are

It’s estimated that around 3-6% of the US population is vegan. When using the traditional dating sites, trying to find a plant-based partner while swiping through hundreds of non-vegan profiles can sometimes feel like you’re trying to find a needle in a haystack. 

Today, there are well over 1000 dating applications available to singles. This means that trying to choose the one with the most vegan users can feel nearly impossible, especially when you’re just picking from 1 or 2 apps from the top 10 big dating sites. 

If you’re trying to find a vegan partner, the best decision you can make is to simply go where the vegan singles are. Vegan dating apps are the best place to find your fellow veggies that are looking for love. 

Finding Vegans in the Wild Can be Challenging

Unless you spot someone wearing a t-shirt that says “I’m Vegan, Single, and Looking For Love,” it can be pretty challenging to find some vegan singles in your area. While you can always frequent vegan restaurants, coffee shops, and meetups, it’s not always evident that the vegans around you are single. 

Dating sites and apps make it easier to find a vegan date without the awkward encounter of trying to ask a vegan for their number, only to find out that they’re already in a relationship.

Improve The Quality of Your Dating Pool

Vegan dating apps make it easier to find a plant-based partner by niching down your dating pool. Rather than endlessly swiping through non-vegan profiles that don’t share your values and meatless diet, you’ll get to focus on your matches’ unique hobbies and characteristics since they already share your core values. You’ll also avoid some unnecessary heartache and frustrations that can come with finding a match that ticks all of your boxes except your plant-based lifestyle.

By dating within your niche on a global online dating application, you’ll also have the ability to date outside of your immediate area. Love happens where and when you least expect it, and using a vegan dating app can help you find your veggie date from anywhere around the globe.

Find Vegan Singles With Vegpal

When you’re ready to fall in love with someone who shares your vegan passion, Vegpal is there for you. This dating app provides vegans and vegetarians with a more sophisticated approach to online dating. Since every user on the app is a fellow vegan or veggie, we want users to create profiles that really let their future matches know who they are.

Vegpal takes vegan dating to the next level by allowing users to upload videos, links, and photos to their social feed, creating a detailed profile about their unique personalities and hobbies. Vegpal also makes it easier for vegans in the LGBTQ+ community to find love. Each user can choose to browse and identify as more than one gender to ensure a more inclusive dating experience.

With Vegpal, inclusive vegan dating is no longer as challenging as it once was. With the ability to connect with vegan singles worldwide, plant-based dating has never been easier.

Download the app today, and meet the amazing veggie singles near you and all around the world!