Solutions to the 5 Most Common Vegan Dating Problems

So you’re a vegetarian looking for love, but the endless fish pics and meat-eating matches are getting a little discouraging. Well don’t worry, you’re not alone. Vegetarian singles face many unique dating challenges that meat-eaters just don’t have to worry about.

For example, it’s not always easy to find a restaurant with delicious vegetarian options when dining out with your date. Or what about the awkward moment when your partner notices you’ve ordered something without meat in it only to see them order a steak!

If this is all sounding a little too familiar, read on to discover some great solutions to the five most common vegetarian dating problems.

Listing Your Lifestyle on your Dating Profile

Being a vegetarian is a lifestyle choice in addition to being a dietary preference. Unfortunately, some meat-eaters view vegetarianism as an extreme and unnecessary choice and therefore choose not to date them.

As a vegetarian, this might make you hesitant to include your lifestyle in your dating profile or initial conversations. If you’re worried about reducing your options on dating sites, it turns out that you’re not alone! This is actually a common fear of rejection that over 60% of Vegans share.


Although this is an understandable concern, it’s important to remember that you’re actually doing yourself a favor by sharing your plant-based lifestyle with your potential matches. 

Think of it as the most efficient method of weeding out meat-eaters that wouldn’t even be open to your plant-loving ways. Share your vegetarianism loud and proud to ensure that your dating pool is rich with other vegans, vegetarians, and open-minded omnivores.

Whether or Not to Date Omnivores

Choosing whether or not you’re open to dating omnivores is a tough decision. You could actually find yourself in a great relationship with someone who happens to eat meat. Still, there’s also the chance that your opposing values could eventually take a toll on your relationship. You may become frustrated with each other, especially if you’d prefer not to have meat in your home or if they feel that plant-based living is too much of a hassle.


It’s always important to be open and honest about your values and expectations with your match. In the future, will you be expected to cook meat, or is your partner expected to prepare vegetarian dishes? Are either of you comfortable with that? Are you comfortable having meat in your home at all or supporting establishments that serve it? 

Having these discussions will save you a lot of heartache in the future and ensure that you’re with a person that embraces your values instead of challenging them. If you ultimately decide not to date omnivores at all, you can always consider vegetarian dating sites or apps to find your veggie connection. 

Where to go on Dinner Dates

If you’re open to dating omnivores, finding restaurants with delicious vegetarian options can be a challenge. If your meat-eating match is the one picking the restaurant, they might not always be mindful when skimming over the menu for anything more exciting than a salad.


Suggest a few restaurants that you enjoy going to, and have your date pick one. If you’re both heading to a part of town that you’re unfamiliar with, use an app like HappyCow to see which restaurants have options that will delight both of your palates. 

Your date might even impress you by ordering an entirely vegetarian dish which is an excellent indication of their openness to a plant-based lifestyle. If you’re really not sure where to go, you can never go wrong with vegan and vegetarian desserts. We dare your match not to love a yummy scoop of vegan ice cream. 

Lack of Common Interests

Common interests can make or break a relationship, and it can definitely be a struggle if you’ve opened your heart up to an omnivore. Many vegans and veggies share passions for environmental activism, animal advocacy, and more holistic practices like yoga or meditation. 

While your meat-eater match may not have polarizing hobbies like hunting and fishing, their lack of interest in your hobbies can become frustrating over time if they’re not open to trying things that you like.


Keep an open mind and consider trying some of their passions as well. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, there’s no need to be exclusive to each other’s hobbies. Still, if your differences are too vast, it might not be worth investing time into someone who isn’t open to at least trying new things out with you.

Where to Find Vegan Singles

The struggle is real, and it couldn’t be more relatable. You’ve tried several dating apps and have yet to find a meaningful veggie connection. Whether it’s a handful of omnivores that just haven’t worked out, or it seems like all the vegetarian singles are taken, it’s not uncommon to feel like your options are limited. While there are vegetarian dating sites, the user experience never quite compares to the easy use of a dating app.


Vegpal! If you’re looking for a more sophisticated vegetarian dating experience that is exclusive to vegans and vegetarians, then the Vegpal vegan and vegetarian dating app is for you. This global dating app is the perfect way to meet vegetarian singles from all over the world and the social feed aspect gives you the ability to find out more about each other before jumping into that first date.  

Vegpal makes it easier to find like-minded singles while also being the most inclusive vegan dating app. You can identify with multiple genders and have a variety of sexual preferences for your matches as well. We just love love!

Download the app today, and find your plant-based match.

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