Finding your match can be challenging when you’re vegan. Veganism is unique in that it’s not only a diet, but also an ethical stance on how you choose to live your life.

Deciding whether or not you’re open to dating a non-vegan will play a big part in how you navigate the dating scene as a vegan. While there’s no wrong choice, dating someone who isnt vegan comes with it’s own unique set of challenges that you’ll have to overcome.

This article aims to provide helpful tips for vegans looking for love by covering topics such as where you could go on a date, which vegan dating apps you should use, which vegan dating sites are available, and more!

The Challenges of Vegan Dating

Vegans and vegetarians have some unique struggles when it comes to finding a partner using the big dating sites:

  • Difficulty finding other vegans and vegetarian nearby singles to date.
  • Potentially compromising your beliefs and plant-based living while dating a non-vegan or meat eater.
  • Having to live in a home where meats and byproducts are consumed.
  • Finding a potential partner that isn’t open to or respectful of veganism.

Additionally, online dating can feel tiresome when having to explain your plant-based lifestyle and sustainable living practices to a non-vegan match.

Will You Date a Vegan, Vegetarian, or Omnivore?

This decision may be a challenging one to make. With vegan dating, you greatly reduce your dating pool and may have a more difficult time finding a vegan partner. On the other hand, dating someone who doesn’t share your values or understand your lifestyle can lead to a lot of heartaches.

Many people find it important to find a partner with similar values, and those rooted in veganism can be quite polarizing. While some vegans have no issues with dating an omnivore, that is one of the important decisions you’ll have to make as you open your heart up for dating.

If you’re going to date an omnivore, one thing to remember is that they may never change their lifestyle. Take the time to consider whether you’re comfortable being in a long-term relationship with someone who consumes animal proteins and byproducts and whether you can handle having those foods in your home.

Why Vegan Dating?

You are passionate about your plant-based lifestyle, and it’s likely the basis of many of your core values. There is nothing wrong with choosing to exclusively date vegans as it can often lead to more successful relationships.

Being in a relationship with someone that shares those core values can lead to a much more harmonious life together. You can avoid the frustrations of dating non-vegans, and you’ll have a mutual understanding of both the struggles and the joy that comes with a plant-based diet.

With so much of our relationships spent dining together, sharing a similar diet and lifestyle is ideal.

Great Places to Meet Vegan Singles

While you can always search for and find vegan singles on traditional dating apps, there are some great places to meet vegans locally.

Vegan Meetups

Vegan meetups are a great place to connect with like-minded people who embrace sustainability and love a plant-based lifestyle as much as you do. These local meetups can be found on sites like Meetup or even on Facebook.

Vegan Eateries and Coffee Shops

Vegan coffee shops and restaurants are a great place to grab a bite and scope out some other vegans while you’re there. Next time someone catches your eye, strike up a conversation. You might find your next match or a new friend.

Volunteer and Get Involved

There are great opportunities to get involved with the vegan community by volunteering at events, animal sanctuaries, and local farms. This is a great way to meet people while having a positive impact on your community.

Vegan Speed Dating Events

A great way to meet vegan singles is by attending speed dating events. While speed dating isn’t as common as it used to be, it’s a fun way to meet many new potential vegan matches in a playful setting.

Additionally, there are even virtual vegan speed dating events if you’re looking to explore dating opportunities outside of your local area.

Vegan Dating Sites

If you’re interested in finding a partner who shares your core values and lifestyle choices, why not try joining a few vegan online communities?

Some people may be put off by the idea of using a vegan online dating site, but it’s no more different than any other niche community. You’ll meet like-minded individuals without having to compromise on your beliefs and dietary preferences.

There can be some strange stigmas around online dating sites as they have a reputation for scammy profiles and catfishing members. Still, niche sites are a great way to narrow down your search when looking for a plant-based partner.

Vegan Dating Apps

Trying to find vegans on traditional dating apps can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Thankfully, there are vegan dating apps that make it much easier to find your plant-based match.

VegPal is an inclusive vegan dating app that enables you to match with single vegans around the world. The unique ability to identify as multiple genders and select more than one gender preference makes for a much more inclusive dating experience.

VegPal also has an application process that every member must fill out before joining the app to ensure that all members are vegan and have joined the app with the intention to find love.

This dating app for vegans and vegetarians comes with a unique social feed element where you can share links, updates, and photos. You and your matches will have the chance to learn more about each other before sending that first message.

Where to go on a Vegan Date

Whether you’ve matched with a vegan or an omnivore, you’re still going to need to do a little research before heading out on your first date. Apps like HappyCow can help you find great vegan spots in your area or restaurants that offer vegan and vegetarian options.

Fun dates can also include more plant-based and outdoor activities. Going for a hike, volunteering at an animal sanctuary, or attending a vegan event are great options.

Try a Vegan Dating App Today

While much of the world use dating apps to find love, why should vegan dating be different?

With vegan dating apps like VegPal, there are even more opportunities to find your partner. If you’re hoping to find love with a fellow herbivore, download VegPal today for an elevated mobile dating experience.

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